Group Members

Head of the group


   Cristina Silva Pereira, PhD in Biochemistry (ITQB, 2004)



Post-Doctoral Fellows

   Diego Hartmann, PhD in Biology (ITQB-UNL, 2014), ORCID ID:

   Investigation of ionic liquids' stress on fungal development

   Research Interests:
   - Fungal biology
   - Ionic liquids
   - Mechanisms of toxicity of ionic liquids

   Isabel Martins, PhD in Biochemistry (ITQB-UNL, 2013), ORCID ID:

   A green bio-tool for efficient degradation of water-insoluble polymers: proteomic analysis of ascomycete fungi biocatalysis in an ionic liquid milieu

   Research Interests:
   - Green and applied biotechnology
   - Biochemistry in mycology
   - Fungal biodegradation
   - Proteomics

  Joana Pais, PhD in Chemical Engineering (FCT-UNL, 2013), ORCID ID:

  Biomimetic plant biopolyesters as novel antimicrobial materials

  Research interests:
  - Biopolymers
  - Biological processes
  - Microbiology
  - Waste valorization
  - Analytical chemistry

  Patrícia Gonçalves, PhD in Biology (FCUL, 2015), ORCID ID:

  Lab Manager

  Research interests:
  - Fungal Molecular Biology (e.g. regulatory and signaling pathways);
  - Development of antifungal drugs;

Tiago Martins, PhD in Biomedical Sciences (IHMT, 2010), ORCID ID:

  Aspergilli potential for aromatic pollutants biodegradation – a functional study for unravelling critical metabolic pathways

  Research interests:
  - Fungal metabolism of aromatic compounds
  - Bioremediation
  - Molecular genetics (e.g. transcriptomics and gene silencing)

   Vanessa Correia, PhD in Sustainable Chemistry (FCT-UNL; joint programme FCT, ITQBAX,  Univ. of Porto and  Aveiro, 2015), ORCID ID:

   Plant biopolyesters in the development of antimicrobial materials: physico-chemical and biologic characterization

   Research interests:
   - Biopolymers
   - Antimicrobial materials and polymers
   - Contact-active surfaces

 Paula Guedes, PhD in Enviroment (FCT-UNL, 2015); ORDCID ID: 0000-0001-5853-0192


PhD Students

   Adélia Varela, also a Superior Technician at INRB/UARN, Oeiras, ORCID ID:

   Pentachlorophenol as a model pollutant for analysing persistent organic pollutants dispersion and decay in the forest soil

   Research Interests:
   - Soil pollution
   - Soil bioremediation
   - Fungal metabolism of aromatics 

  Carlos Moreira, M.Sc. Student (FCUL, 2015)

  Deciphering novel targets for antifungal drugs: ionic liquids as triggers of alternative pathways for cell wall integrity in filamentous fungi.

  Research interests:
  - Fungal biology
  - Development of antifungal drugs
  - Bioremediation

  Celso Martins, M.Sc. in Applied Biology (University of Aveiro, 2012), ORCID ID:

  Dissecting specialisation of belowground fungal communities induced by chronic pentachlorophenol pollution in forest habitats  
  Research Interests: 
  - Valorization of biological waste as source for new structural units
  - Polymers and peptides with biocidal properties
  - Community dynamics and specialisation 
  - Next generation sequencing

  Maika Rothkegel, M.Sc. in Biochemistry (Free University of Berlin, 2014)

 Quorum sensing in fungi: How fungal secondary metabolites influence morphological transitions and biofilm formation in opportunistic
  fungal strains

  Research Interests:
  - Fungal secondary metabolism
  - Development of antifungal drugs
  - Ionic liquids

  Rúben Rodrigues, M.Sc. in Tropical Health (IHMT-UNL, 2011), ORCID ID:

  Novel antifungal strategies - concealed properties of plant polyester-based macromolecules

  Research interests:
  - Biopolymers
  - Microbiology
  - Ionic liquids
  - Molecular Biology


M.Sc. Students

 Daryna Piontkivska, B.Sc. in Biochemistry (FCUL, 2015)


Research interests:
- Mechanism of toxicity of ionic liquids
- Development of antifungal drugs

 Patrícia Sequeira, B.Sc. in Biochemistry (FCUL, 2015)

 Research interests:
 - Production of Secondary Metabolites
 - Biological activity of key SMs

Marta Banza, B.Sc. in Biology (FCUL, 2015)


Former members and alumni

Paula Cristina Alves, PhD student, 2010-2016

Marija Petkovic Garcia, PhD student (2008-2011) and Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2012-2015

Shekhar Jadhav, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2014-2015

Dina Mestre, M.Sc student 2013-2014

Rui Ferreira, PhD student 2006-2013

Helga Garcia, PhD student 2006-2013

Mariana Carvalho, PhD student 2005-2013

Marina Guerreiro, Research Fellow 2012-2013

Joana Medeiros, Research Fellow 2010-2012

Cátia Rodrigues, Research Fellow 2006-2010

Sandra Tavares, Research Fellow 2008-2009