GC-MS System with GC 7820A and MSD 5977B (Agilent Technologies)

Inverted phase contrast microscope with integrated fluorescence LED (Eclipse Ts2-FL) and camera (CMOS 5,9 MP) (IZAZA)

ÄKTAprime plus (GE Healthcare)

Acquity UPLC (Waters)

2 Incubator shakers: 5000I and 5000IR (VWR)

Infinite M2000 Spectrophotometer (Tecan)

Ettan DALTsix Electrophoresis Unit (GE healthcare)

EPS 601 Power Supply (GE healthcare)

MultiTemp™ III Thermostatic Circulator (GE healthcare)

Centrifuge 5810 R (Eppendorf)

Centrifuge 1730MR (ScanSpeed)

Orbital Shaker Incubator Innova®44 (New Brunswick Scientific)

Vertical Incubator Termoclima S600 (Aralab)

Flow Chamber Class II Type A2 (Esco)

Flow Chamber Class II Type A2 (BSC-EN)

2720 Thermalcycler (Applied Biosystems)

-80ºC Freezer (New Brunswick Scientific, U725G, Innova)

T100 Thermal Cycler (Bio-rad)

UView Mini Transilluminator (Bio-rad)